Global Empire
The Great Reset
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is one of the many organizations where the ultra-rich and power elite meet and discuss how globalization should take place in the world. The so-called Great Reset is an open call for a world government ruled by these elite. In 2017 the leader of WEF stated: (Angela) Merkel and even Vladimir Putin, and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. What we are very proud of, this young generation, like prime minister Trudeau, the president of Argentina, and so on... is that we penetrate the cabinets. So, yesterday I was at a reception for prime minister Trudeau and I know that more than half of this cabinet are our Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. ... It's true in Argentina, it's true in France... * The WEF, representing the globalist ultra-rich of the world, raises "Young Global Leaders" around the world in order to control world events. It means that democracy is definitely over and globalization has now taken almost full control of world events. Hence global emergencies, global lockdowns, erosion of human rights and freedom, and global vaccination. A major power shift from national governments to international globalist elite.
On their website they state that There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative. It is no secret that the elite work together and used the COVID-19 crisis to change the world in their favor by taking away power from the people. The United Nations warned of an unparalleled economic shock, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and wants to reorder the post-pandemic world. So after the power elite destroyed the global economy with their desired and destructive lockdowns, they now present their desired solution to rebuild the world in their favor, something they could have never done in such a short time without the so-called "pandemic". Never waste a good crisis. The globalist elite call it "build back better" and their puppet leaders around the world sought to implement it without question as is evidenced by for example the Build Back Better Plan in the US and all the puppet leaders around the world who repeated this globalist script * The question is whether they will "build back better" for everybody or for themselves primarily. Perhaps growing extreme inequality in favor of the ultra-rich answers that question best. Here's one of their propaganda videos...
What these elite will not tell you is that they themselves are the highest responsibles for dragging the world into this disastrous state in the first place. With their major industries they exploited the earth and the people for profit. Hence extreme inequality in their favor. They caused the dilemmas and now they present their desired solutions which were planned beforehand. The need to do something about the dilemmas in the world is obvious and thus they create an atmosphere in which nobody can oppose their plan. In March 2020 they released a video called 'How can we collaborate to stop the spread of COVID-19?' (* What they cleverly omit to mention in their propaganda videos is that it is not due to COVID-19 itself that the world is facing a global economic crisis, but due to the lockdowns that these globalist elites imposed on the world. The lockdowns are directly linked to the destruction of the world economy and immeasurable misery around the world. Especially the small to mid-sized businesses owned by the common people were destroyed while the multinationals and major industries thrived. How convenient for the power elite. Their propaganda reveals how they and their monstrous multinational industries will take much more control over all and everybody in the coming years while the ignorant sheeple blindly consent and go along with the elite's dystopian Agenda 2030.
Never waste a good crisis
In June 2020 Prince Charles, heir to the throne of one of the world's richest families, said: We have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path. ... We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change. A "golden opportunity" for the power elite. On the WEF website we read that the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world. * First thing to ask oneself is whether one would like these kind of people to rule over the world. Do these kind of people have the best interests of all people in mind or primarily those of themselves? Growing extreme inequality is one way to answer that rhetorical question. Prince Charles is the son of the most wealthy and powerful woman on the planet and he is fathered by Prince Philip who in 1988 "jokingly" said that in the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation. *.
World government
The slogan of the WEF is Committed to improving the state of the world. But for whom? Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, gives a strong hint in his book: One of the great lessons of the past five centuries in Europe and America is this: acute crises contribute to boosting the power of the state. It’s always been the case and there is no reason why it should be different with the COVID-19 pandemic. The power elite are committed to boosting the power of the state of the world in which they will rule of course.
In this picture on the left Henry Kissinger, an important US foreign policy advisor linked to the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, with Klaus Schwab and former UK PM Edward Heath in Davos in 1980 at an early World Economic Forum meeting. Kissinger is one of the world's foremost globalists who is known for having said Let us fashion together a New World Order. That "New World Order" is synonymous with their desired world government. In 2016 he said The world is in chaos. Fundamental upheavals are occurring in many parts of the world simultaneously, most of which are governed by disparate principles. We are therefore faced with two problems: first, how to reduce regional chaos; second, how to create a coherent world order based on agreed-upon principles that are necessary for the operation of the entire system. This man is one of the architects of the future world government and a close friend of the Rockefellers, one of the richest families on earth. At the United Nations in 1950 James Paul Warburg said: We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest. James Paul Warburg was the first director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was the son of Paul Warburg who is known as the father of the Federal Reserve System and prominent member of the powerful Warburg family.

At the introduction of the Great Reset Prince Charles said that change will only happen if people really want it. But the people were never informed or asked about this Great Reset. National governments are implementing the plan of the globalist power elite without question. They signed United Nations Agenda 2030 without the people's consent. Globalization is essentially anti-democratic and its goal is global governance. A world government represents an all-powerful government and is typically administered by a single, centralized Big Government in control of everything and everybody, with or without the people's consent, as stated by the globalist elite themselves. Here are some lines from the book written by the frontman of the globalist power elite...
The containment of the coronavirus pandemic will necessitate a global surveillance network. ... We will see how contact tracing has an unequalled capacity and a quasi-essential place in the armoury needed to combat Covid-19, while at the same time being positioned to become an enabler of mass surveillance. ... the corporate move will be towards greater surveillance; for better or for worse, companies will be watching and sometimes recording what their workforce does.
Mass surveillance is linked to violations of privacy and human rights, but who cares? In 2014 the United Nations headlined with US: Surveillance Practices Violate Rights, but now the globalist elite of the UN are advocating for mass surveillance themselves. In 2015 newspaper The Guardian headlined with Mass surveillance is fundamental threat to human rights, says European report, but now mass surveillance is also on the radar of the globalist elite in control of the EU. Surprise, surprise.
Chinese democracy
While in the past the US was always the first to arrive with aid where assistance was needed, this role now belongs to China. ... An important lesson can be learned from the countries that were more effective in dealing with the pandemic (in particular Asian nations): technology in general and digital in particular help. Successful contact tracing proved to be a key component of a successful strategy against Covid-19. ... China, Hong Kong SAR and South Korea implemented coercive and intrusive measures of digital tracing. They took the decision to track individuals without their consent, through their mobile and credit card data, and even employed video surveillance.
In the past western leaders spoke with dismay about Chinese authoritarianism, but today these same western leaders embrace it and they use the COVID-19 crisis to implement it in the west as well. The words from the frontman of the World Economic Forum, who represents the globalist elite, confirm it. The global lockdowns show that these globalist elite own almost all governments around the world. The crony national leaders follow orders from the international leaders above without question and deceive the nations for their own personal benefits. The power elite are getting rid of people's constitutional rights and freedoms to be replaced with their version of a global constitution as is already prepared by their globalist friends at the United Nations. For example China's Social Credit System, also called China's Digital Dystopia *, will soon be in operation in the "free" western world as well. According to the frontman of the globalist elite: Then, when the crisis is over, some may realize that their country has suddenly transformed into a place where they no longer wish to live. ... Dystopian scenarios are not a fatality.
The inhumane authoritarianism for which the West always criticized China is now being implemented in the western world in the blink of an eye. From the globalists' perspective the COVID-19 crisis is a huge success. Now vaccine passports have become normal while a year earlier these were still "conspiracy theory". A step towards total digital control and a new kind of Apartheid. In October 2021 Yuval Noah Harari, who also works for the World Economic Forum, said that For the first time in history it is possible to completely eliminate privacy... Dictators always dreamed about completely eliminating privacy, monitoring everybody all the time and knowing everything you do... everything you think and everything you feel... Now it's possible. Welcome to the "New Normal"...