The lemur made famous
Ida is the most complete early primate fossil ever found, and scientists believe that she could be one of our earliest ancestors. She is a remarkable Source between the first primates and modern humans and despite having lived 47 million years ago, her features show striking similarities to our own.
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Evolutionists present the fossil Ida as fantastic evidence for evolution. But what about reality?
Crackpot Jørn Hurum
Jørn Hurum is the evolution crackpot who discovered and popularized Ida...
When I saw this photographs for the first time I couldn't sleep for two nights... Now we've got something that really tells us a part of our deep evolution just in the point where monkeys and apes are evolving, the group called haploid. And this is so deep down our own evolutionary tree that this will be the best specimen for many years for the understanding of it.
Darwin said a lot about transitional species and how they were missing from the geological record. And he said that if a transitional species is never found, his whole theory will be wrong. For the last fifty years, we've gained a deeper and deeper understanding of species that show transitions between large groups of mammals. Ida is very comparable to some of the most significant fossils that have been described like Lucy, the Neanderthals, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Archaeopteryx.
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Fossil Ida is labeled a transitional fossil by evolutionists. They launched another overwhelming propaganda campaign to sell the fossil to the world as yet another one of their many desired "missing links". The Guardian said perfectly preserved fossil Ida, unveiled in New York today, provides unprecedented insight into our ancestry. In the same article fanatic evolution propagandist David Attenborough said This little creature is going to show us our connection with the rest of all the mammals; with cows and sheep, and elephants and anteaters. Typical. These fanatic self-proclaimed monkey descendants are really funny. They are sponsored by mainstream science organizations which of course are heavily involved in this monkey business.
Ida the fossil. Ida the lemur. Spot the difference. One is dead, the other alive. It's truly amazing how evolutionists are fooling the world with silly bullshit stories. It takes a complete idiot to fall for this kind of deceit.
The article on Darwinius published last year in the journal PLoS ONE ignores two decades of published research showing that similar fossils are actually strepsirrhines, the primate group that includes lemurs and lorises. ... Many lines of evidence indicate that Darwinius has nothing at all to do with human evolution.
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Nature reported that A 37-million-year-old fossil primate from Egypt moves a controversial German fossil known as Ida out of the human lineage. Wired said Darwinius seems merely to have gone extinct, leaving no descendants * The Guardian had an article titled 'Eighth wonder' Ida is not related to humans, claim scientists * Etcetera. There is absolutely no evidence that Ida has anything to do with human evolution. Of course any so-called transitional fossil is based on metaphysics, not on science. The best conclusion according to the evidence is that Ida was just a lemur, very similar to modern lemurs. Nils Christian Stenseth called the fossil an exaggerated hoax and stated that its presentation and popular dissemination fundamentally violate scientific principles and ethics.
Revealing the link

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Ida's debut to the world was comprised of an astonishingly slick, multi-component media package—certainly the first of its kind. In addition to the press conference itself, Little, Brown, and Company released The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor, by Colin Tudge on Tuesday; a multimedia-rich website,, was launched; and a two-hour documentary will air on the History Channel, the BBC, and various stations in Germany and Norway next week. And for the first time in the History Channel's history, their television programming is timed with the release of a scientific paper: The paper published on Monday by Hurum's team in the open-source journal, PLoS ONE. While the scientific community is just beginning to determine Ida's significance on the evolutionary spectrum, her place in the zeitgeist is secured. ... Hurum wanted to subvert the system and take his story straight to the masses in a way that would appeal to the average person, especially kids.
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Behind Ida we find the evolutionary propaganda machine. The NY Daily News said the unveiling of the fossil came as part of a carefully-orchestrated publicity campaign unusual for scientific discoveries * Dr Chris Beard, curator of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, said he was "awestruck" by the publicity machine surrounding the new fossil * According to Wikipedia Jorn Hurum is known as a popularizer of science with a high media profile.
Monkey business
Some experts in the scientific community were critical of the 2009 media campaign Hurum orchestrated to publicize his find Darwinius masillae. ... Hurum's reputation was further tarnished when it turned out that the fossil was not a "Revolutionary Scientific Find That Will Change Everything," as he had claimed in his press release, and that some of the key scientific claims he had made for Darwinius masillae failed scientific scrutiny.
In the photo above "professor" Jørn Hurum shows his beloved Ida to Michael Bloomberg and David Young at the American Museum of Natural History in New York in 2009, one of the many temples of the Darwin cult. The evolution myth means big business to the world of mainstream science and to the self-styled "scientists". The Guardian reported that Jørn Hurum convinced the University of Oslo to buy the fossil — which had an asking price of $1m — based only on seeing three high quality photographs of it. * Jørn Hurum is a so-called "vertebrate paleontologist" and holds an Associate "Professor" position at the Natural History Museum of the "University" of Oslo. It is the oldest university in Norway. Just as outdated as the theories it teaches. What a joke! Of course all this is not something to be proud of. Jørn is a typical evolution crackpot who disguises himself as a scientist while being high on metaphysics and money. In his biography at the National Geographic he said The government of Norway pays me to do my work, so I feel obligated to tell taxpayers what I'm accomplishing *.
Sir David Frederick Attenborough is an English broadcaster and naturalist. ... He has explained that he feels the evidence all over the planet clearly shows evolution to be the best way to explain the diversity of life. ... In 2002 Attenborough joined an effort by leading clerics and scientists to oppose the inclusion of creationism in the curriculum of UK state-funded independent schools.
David Attenborough is a naturalist high on materialism who opposes supernaturalism. According to BBC he is a passionate Darwinian ... who sees evolution as the cornerstone of his television career. David is another evolution crackpot who worships Darwin and sells metaphysics disguised as science to the world by using tell-a-vision. He is being promoted by powerful mainstream science organizations like the Royal Society which of course eagerly sell his stories. He has a net worth of $35 Million * Thanks to monkey business.