Gotthard Base Tunnel
Satanic opening ceremony
This is the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel on 1 June 2016. It is full of Satanic symbolism. The ceremony takes place inside a tunnel or large covered area connected to a tunnel. The elite are seated on the side to watch the play. Here's a brief explanation of the symbolism depicted in this ceremony...

Workers in orange suits enter the scene trapped inside a train which is being hauled onto the scene by other workers in orange. They struggle and try to escape from the train but they can't. The orange suits contain the logos of the elite's industries or companies they work for. The workers represent the sheeple who work for those elite in their industries.

The camera turns to the elite on the side in the dark who look on. Behind them are eyes projected on the wall which overlook everything.

The workers on the train look astonished or amazed with their mouths open, zombie-like.

Other workers arrive who climb in chains, like slaves. They then hang in those chains like zombies while others keep on walking on the scene like programmed slaves.

The workers start chaotically moving about as a group without direction. All the while we hear industrial sounding music. Hammering pick-axes are projected on the walls.
Then a weird evil looking creature appears with breasts and wings. It is surrounded by people in white underwear who wipe dust off their bodies. The creature starts flying. The breasts and wings strongly point to Baphomet, worshiped by the elite of secret societies like the Knights Templar, which is often compared to the Devil. While workers in orange make spastic movements on the ground we see projections of massive amounts of water pouring onto the scene. This might portray the drowning of the people while the Devil is looking on from the sky.

A train appears with one man in black and chains in his hands trying to break free of his prison, but he doesn't succeed, while projections of water keep pouring down the walls. Could this be a mockery of Noah's arc and the Flood with which God wiped away evil humanity? The Devil is surrounded by workers who appear dead while hanging in chains, drowned by the flood.

The elite are shown. They seem to try to hide their confusion of this weird show. These politicians don't have much of a clue what is being presented to them, namely a blatant Satanic ritual.
The Devil comes down to the floor and another train enters the scene. On this train we see a man wearing a goat-like head. This obviously points to Baphomet again who is also called "The Sabbatic Goat". The sound of an evil man laughing accompanies this scene. The train is moving towards the sun. The goat-man is surrounded by weird looking creatures, demon-like.

Then a woman appears holding up a lamb in her arms. She's surrounded by people wearing black, as in mourning. The woman is holding up the lamb while the demon-like creatures pass her in opposite direction. The lamb is a symbol of Christ who was the sacrificial lamb according to the Scriptures. This scene is likely more mockery of God and the Scriptures.

Then a yodeling man appears walking down the railroad. The Devil returns to the scene.

Flickering red lights show up and from the mist a long train appears with a metalworker and a band playing music.

A parade of crazy people which looks like a Catholic carnaval. Then also the pope appears with sunglasses. This likely symbolizes the oppression of people by religion. The yodeling man is now seated and eating lunch while he watches the spectacle. While he is dazed by the show he doesn't hear the sounding horn of an approaching train from behind him. The front of the train contains the skull of a goat. The train stops right behind the unsuspecting man who continues eating his sandwich. This likely symbolizes the unawareness of the simple man who is completely under the control of the power elite who's riding the train of the Devil. Religion is one of the many methods by which the elite control the sheeple.

Then on a train we see a man wearing a hat made of tree branches standing between other men. All the while we hear religious choir music. The crowd inside is jumping and waving as if happy. This likely is a mockery of Christ, the sacrificial lamb, being led to his death after having received a crown of thorns while being mocked by the onlooking Jews who betrayed Him.

Then a woman clothed in red, lifted up high, receives a woman's head while being portrayed in front of the big orange sun. This refers to the Woman clothed in the Sun from Revelation chapter 12.
The show is interrupted with video images of the political elite inside a train. Most likely they don't have much of a clue of the symbolism in this ceremony, they're just being used by the power elite to execute their agenda. They have been made to believe in the elite's wicked plan and participate for private gain. They are likely talking business in the train. It seems the train brings them to the other side of the Gotthard Base Tunnel where the Satanic ceremony continues...

The elite are again seated looking onto the show. Workers in orange suits depicting the logos of the elite's industries appear walking like zombies. They then run towards the stage with a projection of a mountain on the screen. They then try to climb the mountain, but fall down, to their deaths.

The mountain crumbles and the workers fall to their death. The workers dance like zombies. They take their orange worker suits off.

The projection on the big screen turns into a deep hole in which the workers fall to their deaths. Then what appear to be three ghosts are lifted up.

Behind the three ghosts now appears an eye projected on the screen. This represents the All-Seeing Eye of God used by secret societies like Freemasonry. It also appears on the one dollar note above the Egyptian pyramid.
The workers re-appear as ghosts. They are followed by the Devil who starts jumping frantically while making evil sounds. His demons accompany him.

On the screen the Devil's face is projected while three Egyptian scarabs are lifted up. They are believed to be linked to the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra who rolls the sun across the sky each day, transforming bodies and souls. This ceremony certainly depicts the transforming of bodies and souls. All this happens while the Devil frantically screams.

Now the Devil is seen fornicating with a woman while producing orgasmic sounds. Then an angelic being covers his body with its wings. Then the whole scene becomes chaotic and more frantic while it seems the Devil is casting some sort of evil spell. He then lies on his back while he holds his mask in his hands, seemingly dead.

The screen projection shows a tree upside down, like the Tree of Life upside down.

The ceremony then turns to techno music while projecting machinery.

The woman dressed in red, depicting the Woman clothed in the Sun, appears again. She wears a purse with a Catholic cross on it. She looks pregnant while the Devil, without goat mask, came back to life and starts frantically jumping around again. The Devil grabs her and makes sexual movements with his hips. In front of the woman in red is another woman bending over. The Devil grabs her as well while he makes a sexual movement. While the actors start moving in slow motion the Devil grabs another woman. All this is depicting an orgy. It's a perverse sexual ritual.

Three men wearing masks appear.

The woman in red gives birth to a man dressed like a woman. This must be the child produced by the Devil.

A clock is projected which runs backwards and forwards, all but according to time.

Then all actors kneel towards the clock in what looks like the worship of time (or chaos).

After a train comes out of the tunnel as shown in the projection all actors go crazy, as if possessed.
From the World Cup to the Olympics, it is not a significant event if you don't have an unusual opening ceremony to go with it. This was also the case when the Gotthard base tunnel, the longest and deepest in the world, was inaugurated on Wednesday. Here are some of the most striking moments from the ceremony - we have tried to explain what is going on as far as possible. It was not always possible.
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Of course the mainstream media don't have much of a clue. The Daily Mail called it one of the most bizarre opening ceremonies in history. Other media reactions ranged from euphoric to hysterical. The sheeple are of course not aware of the blatant Satanic rituals being shown openly on TV, they probably believe all this is just some meaningless artistic show. The elite reveal their Satanism more and more openly. This is not the only opening ceremony which has much Satanic symbolism in it. Practically all major events sponsored by the power elite contain Satanic symbolism. They are very deep into it and they use this symbolism openly in order to communicate to each other around the globe or to simply worship Satan with their rituals. What does Satanism have to do with the Gotthard Base Tunnel? And what do the power elite have to do with Satanism?