Global Empire
Planet Lockdown
The perfect recipe for global disaster
A lockdown is the kind of measure expected from inhumane and oppressive authoritarian regimes like in China. This is now also the "new normal" in this so-called "free and democratic" western world. Before COVID-19 the West looked with dismay at authoritarian China, but now western authorities, under the umbrella of the power elite, uphold anti-democratic China as the role model for the western world. We know for fact that the virus almost only affects the old and vulnerable. See COVID-1984. So the first thing that comes to mind is that it would be much more sensible to isolate and protect older and vulnerable people instead of the whole world and let the young and healthy build herd immunity naturally and keep the economy running. As opposed to what governments and their media try to make the world believe, lockdowns have minimal effect on the spread of the virus while they are disastrous for the world economy, especially for the low to middle income class and the small to medium-sized businesses owned by the common taxpayers. At the same time these lockdowns are very beneficial for some billionaires with tremendous power and influence on global organizations like for example the World Health Organization (WHO) which give their advice to governments around the world and to which governments comply without question. Hence ever growing extreme inequality.
Netherlands vs Belgium
A good example of lockdowns not being very effective is the comparison of the Netherlands with Belgium. I'm Dutch and live in Belgium close to the border. Both countries are very similar and they are neighbours. The Netherlands has 17.4 million people and a density of 521/km2, Belgium has 11.5 million people and a density of 376/km2. Belgium has almost twice the amount of hospital beds per 1,000 inhabitants. During the first infection wave Belgium closed the border with the Netherlands and implemented a very strict inhumane China-style lockdown including for example restrictions on visiting family members and loved ones. Belgium also implemented many rules like for example wearing face masks in public areas early in 2020. The Netherlands is known for not having implemented a strict lockdown during the first wave, self-quarantine was voluntary and only during the second wave the Dutch government started urging people to start wearing controversial face masks *. The Netherlands was one of the few countries in Europe which allowed partners of Dutch citizens living outside the European Schengen area to enter the country. In Belgium this was not possible. Only during the second wave the Netherlands became more strict. The following data comes from the WHO...

So did the Belgian lockdown have a significant effect on the spread of this virus? Obviously we cannot see much difference between the Belgian and Dutch curves. For both the virus infection number is much higher for the second wave while the death rate is significantly lower. During the second wave there was much more testing and as an epidemic progresses, the effective reproduction number of a virus declines, so the epidemic peaks and then decays. For example according to the head of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation COVID-19 killed about 0.6 percent of those infected during the second wave, down from a high of 0.9 percent during the first wave *. In a nationwide survey in Sweden the death rate dropped almost 50% from April to June *. So with time the virus looses power by itself, with or without lockdown, and herd immunity kicks in naturally. The following image shows the overall mortality pattern for the Netherlands and Belgium from 2015 to early 2021...

The similarities are obvious. Belgium with its strict lockdown did not do much better than the Netherlands with its soft lockdown, in fact Belgium even did significantly worse. On 7 December 2020 Belgium was world's number 1 with 1,492 deaths per million people while the Netherlands was number 33 with 566 deaths per million. Belgium has 50,963 cases per million and Netherlands has 32,901 cases per million. Based on hardcore observable reality it becomes very difficult to convince me with any theory of the necessity of a lockdown. At the very best a lockdown causes the spreading of a virus to somewhat slow down and spread out over time when implemented very early, but it also slows down herd immunity and worsens the economic disaster. If a lockdown is done then it should be done immediately at the first infection wave when the case-fatality rate is highest. The lockdown in the Netherlands during the second wave is incomprehensible and must be the result of other motives than public health.
Death and destruction
Lockdowns cause excess deaths. Excess deaths were caused by people not seeking emergency hospital treatment for a heart attack or other acute cardiovascular illness requiring urgent medical attention, either because they were afraid of contracting COVID-19 or were not referred for treatment. * The Lancet reported that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for example cancer screening has been suspended, routine diagnostic work deferred, and only urgent symptomatic cases were prioritised for diagnostic intervention. and that there were substantial increases in the number of avoidable cancer deaths to be expected as a result of diagnostic delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Excess deaths includes people who died due to for example increased unemployment and reduced public-sector expenditure on health care. In England and Wales alone there were 2,085 excess cardiovascular deaths from March 2 to June 30, an increase of 8% *. As a comparison the lesser financial crisis of 2008 had an estimated excess cancer-related death rate of 260,000 for the OECD countries because unemployment and reduced public-sector expenditure on healthcare are significantly associated with cancer mortality. So that's only "cancer-related" excess death and only "for the rich OECD countries".
There's a negative relation between isolation and health * because prolonged isolation weakens the immune system *. Loneliness is linked to poorer health outcomes in cancer patients. Loneliness and social isolation are twice as harmful to physical and mental health as obesity *. The Washington Post reported that Suicide rates among young women have increased notably in Japan and South Korea, raising possible links to the prolonged coronavirus pandemic as it amplifies stress levels, worsens economic woes and aggravates feelings of loneliness and isolation. * Humans are inherently social and most psychiatric disorders involve some disruption of normal social behaviour. A logical consequence of the lockdown is a steep rise in mental depression and many more suicides all over the world. In August 2020 it was reported that Almost 1 in 5 adults were experiencing some form of depression during the pandemic, almost doubling from around 1 in 10 before the pandemic. * In April 2022 a study was released that provides evidence for increased adolescent depressive symptoms and decreased life satisfaction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
There's a relation between wealth and health. The stronger the crisis, the more people are plunged into financial problems, resulting in more future excess death. So if these inhumane lockdowns already have such a huge impact in rich OECD countries alone, then imagine the number of excess death including the poor developing countries. The governments and their media don't talk about these things simply because it doesn't fit with their narrative. It seems that destruction is their goal...
The infection fatality rate seems to be about the same as for influenza, but we have never introduced these drastic measures before, when we had influenza pandemics. And we cannot live with them for years to come. The World Bank has just estimated that the corona pandemic has caused an increase of about 100 million people living in extreme poverty. This is not because of COVID-19. It is because of the draconian measures we have introduced. We need a better strategy.
This is a reminder from a well known and respected critic of the pharmaceutical industry who expressed concern about growing top-down authoritarian culture and an increasingly commercial business model. Already in early 2020 researchers concluded that Rapid border closures, full lockdowns, and wide-spread testing were not associated with COVID-19 mortality per million people. In May 2020 a researcher stated that lockdown strategies might not have saved any life in western Europe. and that neighboring countries applying less restrictive social distancing measures (as opposed to police-enforced home containment) experience a very similar time evolution of the epidemic. In December 2020 researchers concluded that Inferences on effects of NPIs are non-robust and highly sensitive to model specification. Claimed benefits of lockdown appear grossly exaggerated. In February 2021 scientists did not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less‐restrictive interventions. In January 2022 John Hopkins University published a paper in which the researchers stated: While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument. Obviously, lockdowns may have minimal impact on the spread of a virus, but their negative side effects are paramount and they slow down herd immunity and prolong misery. In May 2022 the WHO reported that the full death toll associated directly or indirectly with the COVID-19 pandemic (described as “excess mortality”) between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021 was approximately 14.9 million * At the start of 2022 the total death toll according to the WHO was ~5,5 million people who died of COVID or with COVID * That means that about 10 million people died because of the measures taken by the authorities, of which the lockdowns were of course the most destructive. A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research from June 2022 reveals over 170,000 non-Covid excess deaths among young Americans in 2020 and 2021, most likely attributable to measures implemented to combat the coronavirus—i.e., deaths by lockdown. * In July 2022 researchers concluded that by using the known connection between health and wealth, we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save.
Economic crisis
A logical consequence of global lockdowns and the shutdown of the economies is a global crisis. These lockdowns are unprecedented and extreme. The website of the World Bank headlines with COVID-19 to plunge global economy into worst recession since World War II *. Everybody knew full well that the lockdowns would lead to mass unemployment all over the world. Travel, tourism and the small and medium-sized businesses are among the first and most affected sectors. According to the EU, small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of Europe's economy. They represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. They employ around 100 million people. * This global crisis is going to be much worse than the global financial crisis of 2008. In May 2020 European Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni said that it is now quite clear that the EU has entered the deepest economic recession in its history. At the end of 2020 we are only seeing the beginning of what is going to be one of the worst crises for a long time. In the meantime central banks are pumping more money than ever into the system * while the debt bubble keeps growing * and extreme inequality as well. Maybe that explains best why the power elite enforce these lockdowns.
Food insecurity
Pre-pandemic – and according to the USDA’s most recent report on food security in the U.S. – 37.2 million people, including 11.2 million children, did not have adequate access to nutritious food to live a healthy life. However, a recent Feeding America analysis demonstrates that this number is likely to grow by 17 million, including nearly seven million children. That means approximately 54 million people (1 in 6 people) may experience food insecurity in 2020, including 18 million children (1 in 4 children).
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Even before the onset of the coronavirus, about 670 million people in Africa, or half the continent’s population, were facing food insecurity, out of which 250 million people were severely food insecure. This problem has been exacerbated by the spread of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown measures that introduced serious economic and food price shocks.
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In the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2008, an estimated 13.5 million European households were tipped into food insecurity, while the current recession is already much deeper and is expected to last longer. In New York alone there were a million people who couldn’t afford food before the pandemic and now it’s doubled *. According to United Nations World Food Programme the coronavirus pandemic will see more than a quarter of a billion people suffering acute hunger by the end of the year *. The United Nations, which is the mastermind of these lockdowns via its World Health Organization, knew that millions of lives would likely be lost because of hunger due to these lockdowns *. The power elite and their media didn't warn the people for this likely because it didn't fit with their narrative which seems to aim at destruction.
Child abuse
It has been indicated that compared to adults, this pandemic may continue to have increased long term adverse consequences on children and adolescents. The nature and extent of impact on this age group depend on many vulnerability factors such as the developmental age, current educational status, having special needs, pre-existing mental health condition, being economically under privileged and child/ parent being quarantined due to infection or fear of infection.
Eventhough the health of children and young parents is close to not impacted by the COVID-19 virus, as almost nobody is seriously impacted under the age of 65, they are hit hard by means of school closures and strict isolation measures. Parents working from home have to take care of their kids all day. Parents working outside home are forced to accommodate their children nevertheless. In the U.S. about 10% of children is diagnosed with a behavioral disorder like ADHD *. According to United Nations Disruptions to services for preventing and responding to violence in the home , due to the global pandemic, has left children in more than 100 countries vulnerable to exploitation and abuse *. On top of that the rise in poverty will have a strong effect on children's well-being for years to come *. Widespread digitalisation mitigates the education loss caused by school-closures, but the poorest children are least likely to live in good home-learning environments with internet connection. Also this was foreseen by the United Nations before the power elite forced the governments to plunge the world in their desired lockdowns.
The Great Indian Lockdown
While India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it is also one of the most unequal countries *. On 27 May 2019, immediately after Narendra Modi became PM of India for the second time, Indian academician Pratap Bhanu Mehta said: My worry is about the fact that we've reached a point where truth does not seem to matter. ... When people trust each other and distrust their leaders, you get democracy. When people distrust each other and completely trust their leaders, you get dictatorship. I think we are at the second moment right now. * The same can be said of the western world where the great majority of extremely ignorant sheeple blindly accepts everything the government does or says and the minority of people which does the critical thinking is censored or ridiculed. On 24 March 2020, around four hours before midnight, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the following...
This "democratic" dictator completely locked down all of India and only gave notice four hours before start. The Great Indian Lockdown was perhaps one of the most severe lockdowns in the world. Nobody knows how many more people were pushed further into poverty in India alone. And nobody in the West talks about this. The national lockdown lasted from 25 March to 31 May and the unlock phase lasted from 1 June until December. In neighbouring country Bangladesh a lockdown took place from 23 March to 30 May. Let's compare...

The shapes of the COVID-19 waves of each country are similar but the spread over the timeline differs somewhat. In Bangladesh the government basically terminated the lockdown on 30 May from one day to the other. That lockdowns don't work is shown by the curve which simply follows its "natural" course after May 30. In India the lockdown was only slowly decreased from 1 June onward. The shapes of the peaks are pretty similar though. A lockdown might slow down the rate of infection, but it remains speculation and the virus will follow its course sooner or later. On the other hand, the consequences for the economy and the population are known, they're disastrous. Early in September 2020 public health specialists in India called on the government to adopt a more pragmatic approach to testing for covid-19, amid evidence of widespread prevalence of infection. In other words, the Great Indian Lockdown was a disaster *. It didn't prevent infection and it brought misery to untold numbers of people and destroyed lives. Of 86 million salaried jobs in India an estimated 21 million salaried employees have lost their jobs by the end of August 2020. * Lots of people in India are poor and live in the most densely populated cities in the world with the most high density slums where hygiene is poor and a lockdown can not possibly work in any way. Nobody is going to stop a very infectious virus from spreading quickly there. The idea alone is wicked madness. It seems to me that the main reason why we don't see many more deaths in India is because many Indian people have a higher level of resistance to diseases in general and when poor people experience light flu symptoms they simply continue to work because they probably wouldn't survive for long without it. Lockdowns are incredibly inhumane and evil, especially in these kind of countries. So why are the power elite pushing for lockdowns?
Narendra Modi happens to be a big friend of multi-billionaire Bill Gates. Indian academician and columnist Madhav Das Nalapat nicknamed Bill Gates the lockdown enthusiast and said the following about him...
The founder of Microsoft has become an ubiquitous influence in the global health industry, and as such, his apparent recommendation in favour of a comprehensive lockdown wherever the novel coronavirus made an appearance would have been extraordinarily persuasive. At the same time, the leadership of the prestigious Indian Council of Medical Research seems to have been unanimous in urging just such lockdown. The head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was among the first international heavyweights to compliment Modi on the Great Indian Lockdown. Another was the 45th President of the US, Donald Trump and a third was Director-General Tedros of the WHO, who has been associated with Gates for decades.
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Not surprisingly, the Indian Council of Medical Research is linked to Bill Gates * as well. Obviously, billionaires have tremendous influence on world events because money is power.
Global conspiracy
In May 2020 it was reported that The top five U.S. billionaires—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison—saw their wealth grow by a total of $75.5 billion, or 19%. Together they captured 21% of the total wealth growth of all 600-plus billionaires in the last two months. The fortunes of Bezos and Zuckerberg together grew by nearly $60 billion, or 14% of the $434 billion total. * While the world is suffering, especially the low- to middle income class and the poor, the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdowns were very beneficial to the billionaires. In March 2020 Gates said that his top priority would be to keep people across America indoors to 'flatten the curve' of the coronavirus pandemic; in other words, slowing down the rate at which the virus is spreading. * while we know that the effect on the virus of these utterly destructive lockdowns is minimal.
Working from home for billionaires like Bill Gates is nothing compared to the billions of poor people who barely have a roof over their heads, as do many in India. So the richest people on earth and the power elite are fanatic proponents of lockdowns. Would that be because these elite care so much for everybody's health and wellbeing around the world or would it make more sense to believe it's because the increase in extreme inequality works extremely in their favor? A rhetorical question.
The controversial ‘Global Goalkeeper’ award was handed to Narendra Modi by Bill Gates at a ceremony at the United Nations on 25 September to mark contributions to achieving the Global Goals for 2030 known as the Sustainable Development Goals. * See Agenda 2030. While the whole world is suffering billionaires like Bill Gates make profit from the global lockdowns and pretend they're compassionate with all the people suffering in the world while in the meantime they support inhumane authoritarian leaders around the world who oppress millions of poor to extremely poor people who barely have a roof over their heads. And their own globalist friends at the United Nations give these people awards in order to make the ignorant sheeple at home think the best of them. Birds of a feather flock together.
Bill Gates is known as the main sponsor of the World Health Organization *. see UNhealth. He has lucrative plans to vaccinate the whole world *. Before that he was known as founder and chairman of the company Microsoft which was involved in an antitrust law case for illegally maintaining its monopoly position in the PC market. After the computer virus business he became involved in the even more lucrative biological virus business. Through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation he presents himself as philanthropist while making huge profits because in reality philanthropy by the ultra-rich is all about return on investment and profit. Hence growing extreme inequality. By the ignorant and morally depraved who buy into the propaganda of the mainstream media he is of course seen as a hero *. A smart billionaire like Bill Gates invests millions in media outlets to promote his global agenda *. The ultra-rich are also in close contact with political leaders around the world in order to exert their global influence.
In September 2019 Mark Rutte was honored with the so-called Atlantic Council Global Citizen Award *. The award was handed over by Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, a platform like Bilderberg, where the power elite discuss global policy and which is known for the so-called Great Reset. WEF is also known for educating and raising "Young Global Leaders" in order to accelerate the impact of a diverse community of responsible leaders across borders and sectors to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future. Rutte has his own page at WEF * with an article about water * which links to United Nations agenda High-Level Panel on Water * with an open letter stating: We urge a new approach: rethinking how we understand, value and manage water as a precious resource, catalysing change and building partnerships to achieve the water-related goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It's all about United Nations Agenda 2030 which was signed by these political leaders without the people's consent or knowledge. It's not too difficult to find out to whom these political leaders are devoted. Nobody gets awarded by these powerful elite unless he or she did something good for those elite, like making a deal. In June 2020 Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands signed a contract for pre-orders of 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine *. So did many other countries. See also VacciNATION. The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable and likely the most corrupt industry in the world. It's elite have tremendous power and these kind of politicians roll out the agenda of these elite without question.
In this picture Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge at a press conference selling their COVID-19 measures to the public while trampling on constitutional rights and freedoms of the common taxpayers, a phenomenon common in authoritarian countries like China or Russia, but which is now rapidly spreading to the western world as well. Hugo de Jonge has a brother named Marien de Jonge who works for the Radboud University * which is sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation *. Marien de Jonge is since the COVID-19 crisis also mentioned as possible member of the scientific advisory board of the company Intravacc which is in the race for the COVID-19 vaccine *. See also VacciNATION.
Intravacc is sponsored by the WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Marien de Jonge works closely together with Martin Friede who is the Coordinator of the Initiative for Vaccine Research at the WHO *. Etcetera. Birds of a feather flock together. Obviously, there is conflict of interest everywhere. The COVID-19 crisis is extremely politicized and everybody can see why. Another example from the Dutch government...
On 23 March 2020 Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus gave a speech to the Dutch people in which he said that disrespecting the Corona rules of social distancing is anti-social ... and costs lives *. On 22 July he said about the Corona measures: I don't compromise on that. On 22 August his wedding took place, mainstream media made short notice of it and initially said nothing about the attendees disrespecting the Corona rules. Then 4 days later a photographer released pictures of the wedding in which Grapperhaus is seen hugging and shaking hands with his guests and mother-in-law who is of old age, obviously disrespecting social distancing * *. In about one year the Dutch police gave 112.975 fines to common Dutch taxpayers for not following COVID rules * like social distancing. Something similar happened in the UK, see COVID-1984, and in many other countries around the world. Welcome to planet lockdown.
The lockdowns were extremely destructive to humanity and the global economy while they were extremely beneficial to the power elite. It doesn't take a genius to see why they happened, it only takes some common sense. In April 2022 the Chief Medical Advisor in the US, Anthony Fauci, confirmed that You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated, so that when you open up you won't have a surge of infections because you're dealing with an immunologically naive population * Indeed, lockdowns prevent herd immunity naturally, and by preventing natural immunity the power elite can impose their desired and lucrative vaccinations on the naive populations. See VacciNATION.